Nargis and Patrick

How we met, Our wedding, Our work

How we met

Our story begins in Boston at the start of 2017. At the time, Nargis was wrapping up her MBA program at MIT and Patrick was working long hours at an urban mobility startup called Superpedestrian. After expressing interest in meeting via Bumble — ask us why at our reception — we wound up meeting at a coffee shop in Boston on a cold winter day in early February.

Whether this was our first date or just a pre-date is still undecided. Why? Well, Patrick had asked Nargis to join him for dinner and an Art talk near MIT but Nargis decided it made more sense to start with a casual coffee in case we didn’t have anything in common.

So, Nargis came from Cambridge by Uber and Patrick came from Somerville using his electric bicycle. Our first date was great. Although Nargis was late and Patrick a bit high strung, we settled in with our coffee and some chocolate croissants. Soon enough, we found ourselves deep in discussion about everything from the Hyperloop to Artificial General Intelligence and a mutual desire to leverage accelerating technologies to create companies with a massive positive impact for the world.

After that first day, we had a number of dates in rapid succession and have been on a whirlwind ride since, filled with wonderful conversation and adventure. We’re sure you’ve heard the stories when we’ve seen you 😉.

Our wedding in 2019


Our work

These days, Nargis is over at Adobe working on some exciting product-driven operational data challenges and Patrick is at Udacity heading up the creation of its Enterprise product offering.